the empty houseMature

landyn, a bi-sexual, has just realised that he is in love with his best friend, jay. but that is a problem, because jay is strait.

in the dark you lose your sense of sight and all the shame in seeing. At first you are lost, except for the hand that grips yours with equal strength, but then all your other senses kick in and you forget about the blindness you’re in and find that the darkness is beautiful. I was one of these people, memorized by the beauty of a pitch-black space and found my other half just as amazed. You start to feel your way around in the darkness until you meet each other with timid fingers. I felt his bare chest and moved up to his face and found his mouth. He held me and pressed those lips up to my own, before kissing my shoulder, my neck, with a hunger that was new to me. I was pushed back into more darkness and he put my fingers to his lips so I could feel a slow breath as he mouthed out ‘I love you’ with ought uttering a sound. That was our signature, the quiet movement to form the silent words shared only between us. And with that, still clothed, we quietly  stifled our exitment and  surrendered to sleep in each others arms; wanting, but not wanting to ask more of each other, to anxious but to afraid to ask for more.

But that isn’t the beginning, no that comes much further ahead in my life story. This is the middle or is it the end? You can see it whichever way you would like to, because to me it all runs simultaneously. But for understanding purposes, that is not the beginning, and the beginning is this:

the Beginning of our tenth grade year started three days late, due to the summer construction site being cleared, to show the new addition to the school. I guess the principal wanted to have a huge opening ceremony for the new building. All that it meant to me and for all of the other students was that we got three summer days more than all the other schools around. Those three extra days made it all the harder to return to the halls of Piermont high school. At least I was going to be able to see my friends, after staying the entire summer at my cousins’ house.

“Lanyn!” “LANDYN!!”
I looked up to see Alex yell at me from across campus, running full speed toward me, pushing people out of her way, with Alec trying to catch up behind her. She was the same as always, lowed and unconscious of anyone around her; and Alec as always, followed her, dragging his new, soon to be ex- girlfriend behind him. Once the three of them reached where I was standing, Aex, Alec and (apparently) Rachel started to talk all at once, bombarding me with questions and complaining and all of that sort. I didn’t know where to start, I was to completely overwhelmed, being starved of familiar faces over the summer; I was overjoyed and could do nothing but smile and join them in the lowed mesh of conversation where we talked over each other. I learned that Alex, once again joined all of the after school clubs the school offered, and that Alec and Rachel started going out three weeks ago and now were going steady. Too soon our reunion was ended when teachers, who heard the principals announcement we obviously missed, ushered us toward the auditorium. I looked around as our small group moved, over the familiar buildings, for the other half of our friend group. Namely I was looking for Jay, oh, and Roger and Makayla too. Before I knew it everyone had gone ahead into the auditorium, and the teachers had given up trying to move me, leaving me standing outside the door, searching over a now empty landscape. 
I gave up and turned inside, to the dimming lights and our principal coming up on stage. I found an empty seat among strangers and for the rest of Mr. Millers’ speech I thought of the one single thing I had thought of over summer break. Jay. my best friend. who i have Unconditionally fallen in love with.

The End

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