The Trial

William the Hill cleared his throat in the silence of the gathering.

Abe let out a cold shuddering breath, mist forming in front of his face, he stepped forward pulling gently Gwynli back from her son.

Mancori cleared his throat and announced above the growing murmurs of the villagers; “Go forth Sovarden, go into the Mandor forest and do not come back empty handed.” With that he stepped forward and prodded the young boy in the chest with his walking stick and pointed towards the bleak front of trees seen from a league away beyond the villages fields. Prodding the boy in the chest once more, he pointed again.

Sovarden began his slow plodding walk towards the tree’s every so often turning back to look at his mother. When he couldn’t make out her face anymore he stopped walking and turned around facing towards the village again. Yet his walk continued and he understood that he had to go into the forest.

The End

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