Alan's secretMature

Alan had taken it upon himself to set up a tracker on Virl as no one else seemed to give a shit. He'd do it himself, he decided, because he heard rumours (isn't that always how things start?) that corruption was rife.

  A few years back, he'd been witness to a favoured senior officer accepting a bribe. This had tainted his view on police officers. Tom, that's how he now refered to him (DS Bronson had lost all of Alan's respect), was meeting him in the car park at the Tower Inn in the city centre. This was the man he chose to trsut over all others. Simply because Tom was already marked.


  Virlandra was supposedly moving through town, looking for property or offices. Tom was posing as an esate agent (with the firm's permission) to see her plans from the inside. This would be inadmissable in court but it was too late for Alan. And, boy! did he know it.

The End

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