The DragonMature

   "There things to be known about the people we are dealing with that will horrify the strongest man" he said, fixing his tie, indicating he meant himself. Jo smiled to herself: it was the tie he wore yesterday, along with the shirt and the suit he wore yesterday. "We needn't go into the gory shit but we do need to establish a background. We need to dig deep on similar cases and find other potential victims."

He passed a list around the team. A list with other cases for them to find and go over with the proverbial tooth comb. They were given 4 or 5 cases each and sent away. Jo stayed behind for a very private briefing...


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     Virl was in a foul mood, one of the moods you do not approach her in. Poor Wang. He had to explain his absence over the last few hours and he couldn't. He was too ashamed to admit failure. How do you tell one of the biggest crimebosses that you stopped off to see an old friend using the company van with the cargo inside??

     He took a deep breath and braced himself. Virl was facing the fireplace, cloaked in darkness and anger. She turned her head slightly to ask him in. He was so scared and she knew it. He knew it. He was a dead man.

     "Where were you?" she asked, surprisingly nice.

"I..erm, was...erm.." He was a dead man

"I asked where you went today? I know you went on a mission for me but you took a slight detour didn't you? Who did you have to see so urgently?"


"You left the cargo unguarded. A fatal mistake."

The shot rang out, Jenna didn't flinch but hurried into the room to clean up before the blood had a chance to pool.

The Dragon turned back to the fire, saddened that the gun had to be fired on such a worthless target.

The End

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