Alan had been married before. Janine Roache, who had been his first love, was 22 when they married. Eight years on, they divorced due to a lack of commitment from Alan's side. He hadn't cheated, or abused her. He just didn't have time for her. Janine was a nurse, so she worked nights and Alan, the copper, worked long days. And so, after eight years of tense, strained marriage, they parted ways.

 He was sat in his car with Tom Bronson waiting for Virlandra to come out of the restaurant. She had made a deal with Amy, here latest PA interview, and they were due to fly out somewhere soon but the waiter got in the way of the microphone so they missed the key details but they knew they had to pay a visit to DI Johnson.

Oh, what fun...


  In his office, Jimmy Johnson had taken over from Alan while he was AWOL. Jimmy was leafing through the missing person files again, hoping to glean something useful. They'd spotted a pattern, but couldn't elaborate on it. Virlandra was ging through person al assistants like there was no tomorrow but why? They were from every walk of life, they had similar and different skill bases but, other than that, no two were the same.

 Jo knocked at the door, breaking his concentration.

"We've heard from Alan, sir. He says there's been an incident at the Docks and we should wait one hour and then go."

"Why should we wait?! When did you get the message?!"

"An hour ago, sir. I knew you wouldn't wait so I held off on telling you. We should leave now, sir." She was opposed to his leadership, as they were originally the same rank but he got promoted over her because he knew about Alan.

"This will go into my report, y'know. I'm sick of you resenting me, just because I got the job!"

"Resenting you? I hate you! You used my relationship with Alan to get ahead of me!" She yelled at him, she stopped caring that everyone could hear them.

Everyone knew that she was with Alan, Jimmy had seen to that. She hated him, but he wanted her. Everyone knew that too, but were scared of him. He could ruin a career in next to no time.

 Oh, Alan! Where are you!

The End

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