The City Of Night

Ishino. There was a reason why it was called the City of Night. Not just because of the perpetual darkness. That most people could deal with. It was more to do with the cold, clammy feel you got every time you breathed  in the air of Ishino. It had to do with the despair that seemed to hang in the air, heavy as iron. It made you believe that the city had a heart dark as night. But the man who made his way through the throng in the Central Market, could not afford to feel such things. His mission was more important.


When Jarla’s First Wave Army had attacked the western border of Rachido, Ishino had already become the City of Night. So the citizens could not blame the Righteous Emperor Jarla for their situation. They were content with holding the Rachidian Overlords responsible.  The Overlords, the three kings who ruled over Rachido, had repeatedly overworked the peasants in the farmland, and used the barren lands surrounding Ishino to perform their weapons testing. Three years prior to the War of Kliokal, when Ishino had just been another city close to the border between a rising empire and a diseased one, a freak accident occurred in the Albion desert on the outskirts of Ishino. It involved another foul invention in the armoury of the Rachidians, the Cloudstrobe, a weather control system that manipulated storms for offensive maneuvers. The accident caused Ishino to be permanently blanketed in dense storm clouds. The Overlords never bothered to rectify this.


An old and tired man hobbled past him. They all seemed to be in a hurry, in a hurry to get to nowhere. Malkov could not understand why they wanted to live like this, half-dying, half-dead. The Righteous Emperor Jarla was offering them a better life. But as Jarla had so often pointed out to him, sometimes people don’t know what’s best for them. It was upto Malkov to do what was necessary. And he knew that he would succeed. He had already made his way, unnoticed, into Rachido. The only thing that stood between Jarla and control over Rachido now was something in Ishino itself. Or rather, someone.


When Ishino was blacked out, there were some feeble protests. They were short-lived. And Ishino would have passed away into oblivion, had it not been for Teslo Kumanne.

Born Teslo Vitchav Nedera Kumanne to parents Lazlo and Mirthya Kumanne. Child prodigy  with a pronounced interest in weapons tech. It wasn’t long before Kumanne started working for the Overlords’ Weapons Development Team. He never really had much of a choice. No one in Rachido would have stood up to the Overlords and lived to tell about it.

Within some time, he was heading the WDT. And almost immediately after that  Kumanne started work on his newest, most revolutionary axhievement.  The Borox Gun

Kumanne had been known to test the borox guns in the Albion desert. Malkov was merely waiting him to come out in the open. And Malkov knew he could take care of the rest.

So caught up in his plans was Malkov, that he seemed to have become temporarily blind. He crashed into the figure which had so far been passing by him. The figure and Malkov were both visibly shaken. It was then that  Malkov noticed the person he’d crashed into. Clearly a woman, with a veil ,but the shapely curves were unmistakable. But before much more could happen, Malkov decided to merely move on. However he had not taken more than a few steps when the woman uttered something which rooted him to the spot.  He wasn’t sure of what he had heard so he turned around. The question was evident in his eyes. The woman repeated her statement, “You won’t be able to find Kumanne here. Not without my help.”


The End

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