The Empire of the Brave

When Jarla ascended to the throne of the kingdom of Greater Mansico, he was only 12. However, he was ambitious, a quality much suited to a great leader. It came as no surprise, that within three years of his coronation, Jarla conquered 72 citadels and 2 whole nations. Within five years, Mansico had multiplied to 8 times its size. Within 10 years, Mansico was an empire, the Empire of the Brave, ruled by the Righteous Emperor Jarla. However, many dissidents had joined to fight the iron fist of Jarla. they called themselves the Black Roses and their aim was to overthrow Emperor Jarla, and give the annexed nations back their independence. They carried out many attempts to politically dispose of Jarla, and when those failed, to assassinate him. They were utterly unsuccessful. Jarla's minister, Lomad, and the chief of the Royal Guard, Sher, were fanatically loyal to Jarla and did everything in their power to keep him on the throne of the Brave. Jarla, infused with the supreme belief that he could conquer everything, began to make advances in the East, on even more powerful nations like Rachido and the Panjim Republic. In the War of Kliokal, Jarla's armies crushed the Rachidian forces. However, they were unable to go beyond the western border of Rachido because of the emergence of a new kind of weapon that the eminent Rachidian scientist, Teslo Kumanne, had invented. It was called a borox-gun, capable of firing concentrated bursts of energy that could track life and destroy it. Jarla realised that he woud be able to advance no further till he could get his hands on borox technology. He commanded his trusted spy, Malkov, to obtain the borox-gun at any costs. However Jarla had made a bad choice, for from here began the downfall of the empire of the Brave

The End

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