Aurora runs away, ashamed

"You'll have to train more, Aurora," her brother said, shaking his head ruefully. He released the pressure on her chest.

She stared up at her brother furiously. What would he know about being a bad swordsman? He'd been born with the natural talent.

"That's what you always say," Aurora said from the ground. "And yet I still get no better. It's like you beat me every time just to see the frustration and shame on my face."

He shrugged. "Or maybe it's because you aren't very skilled."

Aurora jumped up and buried her face in her hands. That was it. She had to make a run for it before her brother could see the tears that were threatening to overflow out of her eyes.

As she ran, she heard her brother say; "That's exactly why you should train more. You are so weak, and you give up too easily."

The End

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