The Empire of Isidara

A young woman is practicing sword fighting with her older brother. She is trying to prepare for the upcoming test at her coming of age ceremony. This test is what will decide whether or not she will be able to become a Warrior of Isidara.

In a valley constantly shrouded in mist, a large majestic castle stood in the far distance atop a hill.  It's smooth white stones shimmered in the morning light giving off the impression of a floating fortress.  Tall elegant towers pierced the golden sunrise and shaded the valley in hues of blue and gray.  Fields of corn and lavender were spread out in front of the rolling hills, dotted with buildings.

Silently, Aurora watched the sun rise over the imperial castle from her perch in the walnut tree. Her 16th birthday was in 32 days.  Her stomach twisted with a sense of dread and excitement.  She had little over a month to prepare for the coming of age ceremony and the test that came with it.  For over three hundred years Aurora's ancestors had protected the Empire of Isidara.  Now it was going to be her turn.  If she passed the test.  Taking a deep breath Aurora closed her eyes picturing the castle in her mind.  Someday she thought, someday I will enter the palace a heroine.


Aurora was so surprised she nearly fell out of the tree.

Standing below her was a tall young man.  He looked up at her his mouth twitching as he struggled not to laugh.  Holding up two swords he shouted, "Are you ready to train today?"

Looking down at the swords Aurora groaned before gracefully sliding off her branch.  "I'm better at archery."

"That is why we are practicing with swords.  You can't know ahead of time what they'll test you on."

The End

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