First Battle

Jack asked for some biscuit and tea, he was thirsty and hungry. Lukas went to the kitchen and warm some water for the tea, Jack asked them: “why you have three triangles attached to each other on your neck?” Lukas asked jack if Jack is an imperial soldier, Jack said: “never, I want to kill the imperial, I went to Emperor’s palace to kill him.”

Lukas looked at the bear and nodded “we are rebels and we are planning a plan to kill the king, in our plan we need 3 participating, we are just two right now, “would you join us?” Lukas asked, Jack was happy and quickly agreed to the kind offer, Lukas was happy too, “But I have one condition: I will kill the king!” Jack said, Lukas and the bear agreed. Lukas took Jack to his secret room in his house, he said “now you has to go through the initiation ceremony” Lukas took some blood from his hand with a knife and told Jack to drink it.

Jack was the only one that loved to drink blood and he drank the blood quickly like it was champagne, Jack licked his fingers until there was no sign for blood. ”Yam?” Lukas said, he saw the happy and evil look in Jack eyes and he knew that his plan will work the plan of changing the world to evil will succeed

The next day they worked and trained Jack and the bear cut potatoes really thin to make sharp potatoes weapons, and Lukas went to the town to get ammo and cloth that they can use.

When it was lunch time, Jack and the bear ate some of those potatoes they cut earlier, but then Lukas ran in and shout: “Imperial came here, we must defend our home.

Lukas and the bear started to gear up, they wore the potatoes armor and took the potatoes bow and arrows and went to the battlefield. Jack was afraid, he took slowly the machinegun that he has, and a sword.

While Lukas and the bear made an ambush to the imperial, Jack was at the road, screaming: “Lukas, the bear?, where are you?” and suddenly, 10 imperial soldiers, Jack heard the scream of the bear and Jack asked: “what did you do to him ?”. Before hearing an answer Jack pulled out his machinegun and started to shoot them, after all the imperial died, Jack ran toward the scream. Jack was ready to kill everybody to make sure that he can save them.

The End

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