A police chase

Chapter 4

Jack went south to the Emperor palace, he flew over mountain, forests and rivers, and then it was getting dark. Jack saw a cave, with light in it, Jack approach the cave safely he drew out his carrot knife, and reloaded his carrot machinegun.

Jack heard talking, and saw a shadow of someone, it was big and buffy, and it was a bear. Jack took cover quickly. The bear had three triangles attached to each other on his neck. Jack was afraid of that guy, so he started to run away from the cave, Jack fell, the big bear heard Jack, and he ran after, Jack is small and quick, but the big scary bear had huge steps, The bear caught Jack, but didn’t eat him, the bear was friendly.

The bear asked the Jack: “what you doing, a small bunny like you can’t walk alone at night in this area”. Jack told him that he just escaped from a man that chased him, and he saw a cave, so he thought he can sleep there.

Another shadow pop out, he walked and he had armor on him, and big potato sword. The bear said to Jack don’t worry, I know this person, he is the only one that makes potato weapons and armor, his name is Lukas Podolski. Jack and the bear walked to say hello to Lukas, Lukas asked the bear: “who is that bunny?”, “this is Jack” the bear said.

Lukas invited Jack to they home, Lukas pointed to the cave and said its our home, Jack agreed to the kind offer and walked in to the cave.

The End

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