Where The Action Began

Chapter 3

Jack woke up, and went to the hotel restaurant.  Jack was really hungry he took some pancakes and eggs, and drank some carrot juice. All the squirrels were looking at him, how can he eat so much? Jack the bunny was relatively big for the squirrels, and he was happy, because it’s perhaps be the first time his relatively big.

When jack left the restaurant he saw the man that he stole money from him, the man was with cops. “How he found me” jack thought to himself.

Jack went up to his room and packed his stuff, Jack the bunny rushed to get out of the hotel, Jack left his room with his things.

At the moment jack left the room the cops were there right in front of him, Jack looked back to his room, and then he told to the cops: “Why there a fish flying behind you two?”, the cops turn around, and Jack ran back to his room and jumped out the window.

When the cops turn around again, they didn’t see Jack the bunny, they rushed in to Jack room looking for Jack, they saw the window open, and they understood that jack jumped out the window. They ran down the stair quietly and pulled out their gun.

Jack landed in the swimming pool, and he wasn’t hurt, he starts running again, but the cops was right on him, Jack jumped over the tanning chair and then he poured lemonade because it’s sticky, the cops fell in to Jack trap, and Jack just ran away happily.

 Jack knew that he needs to get away quickly from there. He stole a magical carpet and flew away from the hotel. On the carpet it was cool because Jack forgot his jacket in the hotel.

The End

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