I can do this on my own

Chapter 2

Jack was hurt and broken, he didn’t know what to do, and he decided that he didn’t need help, he is a smart and strong bunny, he could be a one man army, and no one can stop him, that what he thought.

He walked down the street looking for weapons and armor for his big fight against the Emperor and his army. Jack walked down the street, looking around.

He walked in the "Weapons Black Market" or "WBM", as he was looking for qualitycarrot knifes, he saw a carrots gun, it’s a brand new discovery for jack, he never was in a big city, he always thought that the Emperor army using carrot knifes but the seller said that this is the Emperor elite unit weapons only, no one was allowed to sell this weapons.  Jack didn’t had money, so he looked around for a rich man, he found one, he had a suit on him, and jack didn’t see a weapon on him, so Jack the bunny went to him quietly and he stole money from him and the man in the suit didn’t see him, Jack walked quietly to the one that sell a carrots guns and bought the most expensive gun it was a carrot machinegun, the gun was bigger than Jack and heavier than Jack, but Jack was a strong and he wasn’t giving up anytime soon.

Jack needed a place to sleep at, that no one noticed the weapon he had, so Jack the bunny went into the forest to the Squirrels hotel, he didn’t thing that someone will notice his weapons there.

Jack went to the hotel and looked around to see if the hotel is clear, he asked for a room, he gave the money that he stole and got in to the room, and took a shower, he was really dirty.

After the shower Jack had time to thing and eat: "people will know my name after I will have done my test: capture the Emperor and release the evil dragon"

Jack went to bed to get some sleep, it’s wasn’t easy to sleep in the hotel, the squirrels are known for making a lot of noise. In addition to that, Jack the bunny was afraid that the squirrels will see his carrot machinegun he knew it’s pretty stupid because no one can enter the room beside him. 

The End

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