The Emperor Falls

Jack the bunny adventure in the imagination world

Chapter 1

One day in the imagination world, in a small village, Jack the bunny's parents died in a candy accident. Jack was very sad, than he Decided to release the evil dragon, to create the evil empire.

Jack was a poor little bunny that just wanted his parents back, after he tried to be nice and kind, but failed to do that.

 Jack was a very smart and clever bunny, he knew that he couldn’t rebuild the evil empire without help.

Jack needed information about where the Emperor hiding the evil dragon. So he went to the old bunny named Charlie, Charlie was living in the mountains near the big waterfall. It’s a long way to Charlie, especially for a small bunny like Jack, but Jack was determined, and confident to rebuild the evil empire to himself.

Few days later after a hard and long journey he finally reached Charlie, the old smart bunny. Charlie had glasses and didn’t like to get visits. Jack the bunny nocked on Charlie's door, Charlie asked "who is it", Jack answered "its Jack the bunny, I came from a faraway village", Charlie opened the door and said: "make yourself at home, want a cup of tea.", Jack said: "thank you, I would like to have a cup of tea after my long journey.".

Charlie and Jack the bunnies sat on the sofa and drank a cup of tea. Jack said that he needs information about where the Emperor hiding the dragon, Charlie refused to answer and asked Jack to leave. Jack pulled out a carrot knife and threatened Charlie's life. Charlie pulled out his carrot knife too, they started to fight, Jack pushed Charlie on the window. Charlie was afraid, and gave Jack some documents about the evil dragon.

Jack the bunny Concluded that he needs strong, fearless warriors. Jack the bunny went to a pub to get a drink. Jack ordered a special cocktail for bunny's with carrots inside. Jack looked left, looked right searching for warriors. Than he saw the warriors that he wanted: "The Ball Fight Gang" They were called so that because they loved to kill people with a special ball called Chimichuri. Chimichuri was a heavy strong ball, when the ball hit the ground it exploded.
 Jack went to the fearless gang and said: "my parents died in a candy accident, I tried to be nice and kind but it didn’t help me, so I am evil now I want you guys to join me". The leader of the gang asked: "join and do what", jack said: "free the evil dragon and rebuild the evil empire". The gang agreed to help Jack the bunny on one condition: "if you want our help you should beat one of the gang members in carrots fight, you can choose which one"

Jack looked at them and said: "I'll beat you all" the gang pulled out their carrot knives and started to circle him. Jack pulled out two carrot knives and started the fight by yelling that he is a professional swordsman. Jack knew by looking at Rob the leader of the gang that he had a candy accident too, he bled from his shoulder, Jack the bunny decided that he should start by stabbing Rob, so he did just that, Rob said: "stop please", but he didn’t really mean that, Bob the big one, Caught Jack and raised him, the gang started to laugh and Threw him out the window. Jack crawled into the corner of the street and cried.  

The End

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