The Emerald Forest

Are forests what they seem to be?
Here's an example showing they are not. Clara, Kim, Monica and Emma had a wonderful day out in Emerald Wood, near their country cottage... everything was perfect: a very sunny day, a light breeze, warm... and suddenly things began to change.

It was a beautiful summer day. Clara woke up, eager to start up with her friends. They had planned a day out into Emerald Wood. Time to walk and play, time to see wildlife and swim in the forest pond.

She dressed up quickly and packed her things: Some biscuits and fruit, a chicken-curry sandwich and a bottle of water. She also put her swimsuit into her rucksack and went for the door. She put her trekking shoes on and left her house. They were meeting at 9 o'clock right in front of the old oak at the forest entrance: The old oak was more than 500 years old and its trunk and branches were thick and twisted after years of wind and rain and sun. It loomed over the entrance of the forest as a warning: "Are you sure you want to go in there?"

The End

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