The Last Round Cafe

Mugrir wiped down the tables as he began the tradition of beginning each day. He wondered if hiring Anna was a great idea. So far she was doing great; friendly and very attentive. He was concerned about his select customers; they were usually pretty careful about letting their nature out in public. However, Locke had a good point. She was a good kid, just needed a little tempering.

Hearing the door chime as Anna hovered near the door. She carried Locke as a shield across her chest. Mugrir mused to himself as the girl was completely unaware how safe she really was with Locke. He gave a warm grin and waved her inside.

"Greetings half-pint! Come in, let's get some food in you before we open up!"

Anna felt her body relax as Mugrir waved her inside. He was scary at first, however she felt herself relax around the giant man as her time continued. He was nice enough to pay her out at the end of each day as well. Which allowed her to stay at the hotel for now. She had allocated a little bit of cash each day to put towards an apartment.

The pair entered the kitchen as Mugrir went towards the fridge. He rustled around for a moment before emerging with several fat strips of bacon and a pair of eggs.

"So Half-pint, how goes the apartment hunt?"

Anna sighed as she placed Locke down by the pantry. "Slow, too many places have a no pet clause and I don't want to give up Book. He's kinda become my best friend over the last few weeks." She gave Locke a nuzzle under the chin as Mugrir tossed some hash browns into the pan.

Locke gave a purr as Mugrir gave the pan a quick stir. "The girl has been getting better with remembering the non diet kibbles too."

Mugrir passed Anna a fresh glass of orange juice as he went back to the frying pan. "I can understand, I personally love my dogs and wouldn't trade the world for them." He placed the food onto a plate and gave her a grin, "Don't worry half-pint, you are always welcome to leave the fur ball here. Now eat up."

Anna smiled as she ate her breakfast. She was still getting used to Mugrir making her breakfast every day. He was a little upset when she showed up to work nibbling on the remainder of a breakfast pastry. After he was done cursing, he had made her the most delicious omelette she had ever eaten. Since then she had intentionally showed up early for her morning breakfast with Mugrir.

The day began as always; Anna taking orders and running them to the kitchen. Mugrir working away on the orders.  After another busy day the pair enjoyed a quiet dinner after the last customer had left.

Tonight the pair had enjoyed a traditional favorite. Mugrir had some leftover steak so the pair enjoyed a philly steak and cheese. Another first for Anna; who had happily devoured the new meal as Locke watched on with a smug grin. After Mugrir had finished his last bite he decided to send Anna to the front to get some last minute cleaning taken care of while he cashed out her day. Anna nodded as she grabbed a broom and left for the restaurant area.

"Sweet girl, wonder what she's on the run from?" Mugrir turned towards Locke, who began idly batting at a stray cord from the apron.

"I could tell you, but I'd rather let her fight that battle herself. You two are getting along quite well." Locke flicked his tail as he returned to sitting by Anna's backpack.

Mugrir gave a resigned sigh. He didn't care too much for humans; he had his secrets but with Anna she had given him no reason to not trust her.

"Listen you immortal fleabag, just make damn sure the girl is worth making the offer to. Till then I've got one heck of a waitress. Did you know Melinda, the fae who runs the bakery actually likes her more then my last girl who worked here?"

Lock chuckled, "I caught that. The fae are often too stuck up to notice most humans," he paused for a moment. "Fleabag? Listen you oversized lapdog, you try sleeping in a hotel like Anna's lodged at. Plus I dislike this flea bath you mortals have invented. I am a god, I should not smell like cantelope!" Mugrir burst out laughing at this comment.

"I have been thinkin' about that for awhile. I got a spare bedroom; the fae girl used it before she moved on. Although I'm more concerned for her well being then your fleas." He laughed as he pulled a stack of cash from the register. It was hard to argue Anna's skills as a waitress when she had gotten a nice stack of tips yet again. Mugrir tossed a little extra in himself as well. Money was rarely a concern to him but the girl could always use a little extra.

Anna walked back into the kitchen. "Talking with Book again?" She grinned as she gave the feline a scratch under his jaw. Mugrir placed the bills into an envelope then placed it by her pack.

"What can I say, the furball has a way of growing on you." He enjoyed the rare occasion Locke couldn't snap back a retort. "I added a little extra for a great job today half-pint. The customers love you."

Anna smiled as she took the stack of bills and placed it into her pack, "thanks; I mean for everything." She smiled as she picked up book and waved goodbye. Mugrir let her out of the shop and began locking up for the evening. He would give Anna a little more time before he asked her about the spare bedroom. A few things were still nagging at the back of his mind; they would be asked about when Anna was good and ready.

The girl seemed to always be looking over her shoulder. Mugrir wondered what could cause something like that. One thing about being human; was the concept that you were in fact vulnerable to the slings and arrows of the world. Would she still hold that same vulerability when she realized she was holding one of the most powerful beings with her as she walked home. He believed Locke when he said the girl had potential. Just needed someone to give her a fighting chance to unlock it.

The End

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