Town troubles

     Is there anyway out of this stupid forest?! It's been like... 2 days! Plus I have to haul this thing, which I now regret stealing from those Elves...I remember Mother saying that regret is a sin.. Hmm, is that true? 

    He stopped. Wiped his brow, and after a quick scan sat on a patch of dirt amidst a sea of flowing green grass, moving fluently with the breeze. The place he had arrived in was a circular field of grass surrounded by looming trees with dirt patches dotting the inner ring. There was two exits into the forest from here. One to the East which he came out of, and one to the South, the only exit available he thought. 

    The boy took off his napsack and pulled out a loaf of bread, he then sat on the nap sack and examined, once again, the artifact he had stolen.

   It looked as though it was crafted of pure gold, it had a solid square base with high rising arcs on each side. These arcs met up at the top of the knee high artifact. In the center area of each arc was a plate of glass which held inside of it, a pure white tree branch bearing but a single black berry, resting on a blue pillow with gold lace. 

   The lad had tried to get that small white tree branch out many a time but was unsuccessful at each attempt. He put the object on the ground, hoisted his knapsack, recovered the item and we off down the Southern path that had very small grey plumes of smoke rising in the distance.

   "Haha! Finally, I'm almost back home!" He exclaimed as he walked in a fast trot. "Better pick up the pace eh?" He said to no one in particular. "'Specially if I want some cold blueberry juice."

   The thought of a dry bed and a warm home had put a spur into his step but it still took him near 2 hours to cover half the distance he might make in an hour.

   The bright red haired lad blamed this on the rough terrain. But after a glance upward he noticed the path to be clear.

   "Smooth sailing now." He muttered, a very slight grin touched his lips.

   By nightfall he stumbled and walked past the gate guards smack dab into the closed wooden wall.

   "Dammit... Who puts a gate up seriously.." He uttered face still pressed into the door.

   His tired body could take no more and he collapsed. The guards exchanged a look of worry and laid him down in the gatekeepers house.


End of Chapter 6... or 5? I forget :S


If you did not guess, then yes this is the boy from the prologue. I told you I'd fit him in :P. Anyway I'm thinking of writind a story and getting it published for money or a career or something :P. Any critique is MUCH appreciated x]. Hopin to get somethin going here shortly thanx.

                                                                                       --Xation ;)

The End

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