The fire warmed Mao's legs as he stared into it wistfully.

   "Ach, so tha's how ye cam to get out here.." the thick stocky man said and shoved out his hand to Mao and Jim.

  Mao glanced up from the fire long enough to stare the man in the face.

  "Ahm, Grimmstbor Stonebrine. I hail from the Rthor Mountains where me and mine kin live." Said the dwarf. "Ye can call me Grimm."

  Mao extended his hand and shook the dwarf's hand. "I'm Mao ... Marv's son."

  Jim followed suit. "I am Jim, Jack's son."

  "It's mah pleasure." Said Grimm sagely nodding his head. Grim leaned to the left and rustled through a napsack and pulled out 3 pieces of bread, a wineskin and 2 bottles of a fizzing pink substance.

  "What're those?" Asked Mao curiously. "No not that, that pink stuff."

  "Bleh, looks like medicine!" Exclaimed Jim.

  "This 'eres Faelnirv." Replied Grimm. "It'll give ye the energy to fight or march for three days straight, non-stop. Ahm givin it to ye tonight , but don't drink any, else you won't sleep." Grimm handed the Faelnirv to the boys, which they stared at, licked their lips, then put into their bags. Grimm took out two other bottles filled with Milk.

  "Now, let us break bread in celebration of our meeting here." Grimm handed the boys a piece of bread and a bottle each.

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    A human raid?!? Now?! Why?...

   Another falls dead.

   Damn! Were those two boys behind this?...Quan was right.

   Atop the hill crest, stood a dwarf with a long flowing orange beard. Flanked by two young boys, looking very solemn...and beside them High Commander Davis.

  Damn..How could i have been so foolish as to let them get away? Elinorai must've got to me wiht her beau--

  "Ah!! Augh!!!!!!" Roared the elf dropping to one knee.

  "Leife!! " Wailed Elinorai.

 Suddenly a bright light flashed and a giggling voice was heard. Leife opened his eyes to see Elinorai's face close to his.

  "Woah! Elinorai!' Leife sputtered surprised and nervous.

  "Shhh." Elinorai said and kissed him , a slight brush on the lips. "Now c'mon and wipe that big dumb grin off your face! We have to be heading off now." Elinorai laughed. must've been all a dream

  Leife sighed, he was content.


    Ahh srry chapter 5 was so short, im outta ideas for now. But don't worry it'll get better once i find the time to write, and please tell your friends about this and leave a coomment. I love reading them, they inspire me.

The End

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