Royalty and a foreigner

  Elinorai grimaced and felt exposed as she walked through the Elven Village, she could feel many eyes broing into her back and studying her human-like ears.

  Quan leaned towards her and muttered. "Do not worry, I am well known here.. no......" Quan fumbled with the language for a moment. "No one will bother you Elinorai." He finished slurring her name.

  Elinorai smiled, what better people could she have with her?

  "Quan do you know where we are to go? Im kinda lost...But I would say, Tialdari hall?" Said the elf on Elinorai's left as he rubbed charcoal on his blackened knife. The other gleamed with a bloody hunger.

  "Of course, actually were here now." Quan laughed as he led the group into a tall building, colored purple and white and it resembled a tree with high ,curving,graceful arches at the top.

  Stepping inside Elinorai was greeted by two royal looking elves lounging in two big chairs made of what appeared to be Oak.Her next sense smelt a fragrance of crunched wildberries and dew. Elinorai breathed deep, enjoying the pleasent smell that wafted through the air.

  "Baladash." Said one of the elves in the chair, her voice elegant and lingered in the air.

  "Melinorai." Replied Quan and he knelt down. Elinorai and the other elf did likewise.

  "Wwah, Quan, Hukinga ilo forowys dasfh" Said the Elf again, her clear melodic voice lingered again on open air.

  Quan nodded his head and rose. He slowly stepped towards the Elf and knelt near her ear and whispered rapidly in Elf .The lady's eyes widened , then she blinked, bemused.

 "(elven-i cant think of any words) Good, you may go...but stay with them." She sang.

  "Yes lady." Muttered Elinorai on the way out.

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  The peal of metal on metal broke the morning silence.

  Focus ...focus! Woah! That was too close, c'mon Mao...

  Mao dodged left and right to avoid a stab from his tubby friend. Another jab aimed at his hip was deflected by Mao's Buckler. Mao rolled to the left and lunged, his sword out and buckler covering half of his face. Mao missed his mark but succeeded in knocking the lance from his friend's hands.

 "HHHEEEEYAH! I got you now!" Mao roared as he did a double sidestep to the left and held the blade to his friend's neck.

  "Ah! Okay you win Mao!" The blonde haired boy whined.

  "Say it." Mao muttered.

  "IT!!!!" He whined.

   "NOW!" Mao said grimly pressing the blade a little closer, threatening to pierce skin.

  "I, Jim, surrender to you Mao, you have clearly bested me." He said slowly and averted his eyes.

  "Good!" laughed Mao as he sheathed his sword and went to pick up the lance.

  Suddenly...a twig broke to Mao's right and upon glancing over he saw a short , buff man standing there. He had a great orange beard that hung down to his waist, with the end tucked under his belt. In his hand he carried a great double edged axe. Nearly twice the size of the man holding it.

 "Och, that was sum fine swordsmanshep if 'ave ever seen it froma young'een like ye." The man said with a thick accent.

                   Who could this man be? Find out that and more, in chapter 5 :)


The End

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