The Vision

  Darkness was starting to settle on the many towering green giants of the forest, down below Mao and his friend were setting up a makeshift lean to.

  "Right........yes..wood here....hmm, aha!" Cried Mao as he finished the lean to. The leanto was propped against a tree and covered in grass,wood and wheat.

  This should keep out rain..all we need now is fire.

  Turning Mao called out to his chubby friend. "Heyy!! Lazy do you have us a fire yet?" Mao was greeted with the site of a burnt patch of grass and a chubby arm rubbing two sticks together.

  "Uhh almost Mao..but.." He  called hesitantly.

  "But what? Is something wrong or wha?" Mao asked as he walked over.

  "'s just." The boy rose. And held out the two sticks."I have to potty....." He muttered sheepishly.

  "Uh oh,...well...go over there." Muttered Mao motioning to a bush near a tall oak tree. And so off he trundled. Mao in the meantime sat and scratched and rubbed the two sticks together.

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   The darkened forest flew by as Elinorai and her companions raced throught the forest , leaping branch to branch.

  "Kvistrakbaen.." Muttered Quan as he pointed through the leaves to a clearing with a dim orange glow and a sound of light snoring.

  "Hmmm, interesting, I thought these kids would be gone by now.." Whispered Elinorai. "We should report to Karazhan it's the closest village here." She finished.

  "Right" Quan whispered slowly.

  And so off the three elves leaped and dashed, in the direction of a small Elven village directly North of, where Mao is.

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  Mao's eyes drove and surged underneath his eyelids, trying to see the unseeable as he slept, visions greeted him.

  A hand entered Mao's vision , a mail covered hand. The thick metal chinked and rattled and a finger slowly unbent from it's fisted position. The finger pointed down with all the authority of fate itself. It pointed at the face obscured by an upthrown arm, the body that owned the face was sprawled in bloodied mud.

 "Ahh!! " Mao screamed as he lept up from his fetal sleeping position. Birds chattered and flew off annoyed.

  "Whats wrong Mao? Did'ya see a snake? I hate snakes. " Mao's chubby blond haired companion said as he too rose and glanced at his friend, curiously.

  Mao felt cold sweat drip down the back of his neck.He stared at the ground and noticed how the ground was starting to get wet.

  I- is it raining? He thought as he glanced up at the still dark sky. He then noticed his cheeks were wet. Reaching up to feel them he felt tears spring from his eyes.

 I-i'm.......crying? But why? Mao sat on the ground and rubbed his eyes on his arm.

  "Mao are you okay?"

  "Yeah..I had ....a..a vision  I think.." Mao muttered.

  "Of what? Was it elves?!"

  "No...It's not important, go back to sleep we need the energy if we are to even glimpse a Night Elf." Mao said slowly.He lowered himself back onto the soft grass.

   But this time he lay with his head over the edge of the leanto and watched the rolling stars.Allowing them to drift him into the blissful unawareness of sleep.


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The End

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