The two boys ventured ever deeper into the veiled mystical forest with the hope of encountering a Night Elf.The weather was warm and the two young adventurers we quickly sweating under their thick sweaters.

  "Were quite foolish you know." Said the chubby boy as he snapped his fingers.

  "How? I'm going to be an all knowing Elite Warrior, so I don't see anything we have or could've done wrong." The auburn haired boy said confidently, daring his friend to prove him wrong.

  "It's obvious Mao..." The chubby boy said and took his sweater off. "Watch." He set his small, light, throwing lance on the ground and wrapped the sweater around his waist, tying it with the sleeves. "See? Now we won't be so hot!" The chubby blond haired boy crossed his pudgy arms, the skin jiggling like jelly. "I win!"

  "Bah!~" Exclaimed Mao also tying his sweater likewise. "I thought of that! I just wasn't hot enough to do it yet!."

  "Humph...won't you let me have anything Mao?!" The chubby boy said indignantly.

  "Hmm, whatever lets keep going before it's dark." Mao said huffily.

 And so, the two adventurers went on their way, undeterred from their little argument.  But at the same time, blissfully ignorant of the shadows lurking in the treetops.

 "Du analash, Elinorai?" Said one of the male "shadows"

 " Hmm...I know not, they look harmless as they are nought but youngin..." Said the "shadow" called Elinorai.

 "Bah you are far too...-" The "shadow" stumbled over the English language. "-Kind".

 "Hmm, really? She is right, they are just small and they really pose no threat." Said another "shadow".

 "Keelin, myui tamarsh..." Said the first "shadow" dropping from the tree tops. Revealing a muscular elven male with a bright and shining Glaive in his left hand.He wore a light mail hauberk stained red and black. This Elf was a true Warrior.

 "We speak in this "blasted" language because Elinorai does not speak Elf!" Said the third "shadow" who was now visible, perched on the thick bough of a Pine tree. This Elf was a male aswell, although not as muscular as his companion, this elf had a lean, agile body.Like a cats. In his hand he clutched a dagger that had been held over smoke to darken it.In his other hand he held another dagger, this one a bloody crimson. Which shone brilliantly in the sun.

  "Hashanara..hehe I know some elf ya know!" Said the third figure dropping from the tree and landing gracefully on the grass covered patch behind the tree. When she walked around the side of the tree to greet her companions, the figure of  a female elf appeared. But, this elf did not have long pointed ears, but rather rounded ears like a humans.

 Elinorai wore a robe of light blue and white. In her hands she carried an elegantly carved staff colored the same as her dress. The staff had a light blue shaft with a curved crescent moon attached on one end, this was pure white and shone brilliantly.

  The Elf in the tree dropped to the ground beside his companions.

  "Well, Elinorai..Quan..shall we follow our wee little invaders?" The elf asked as he stretched his rugged muscled back.

 "Yes lets." Said Quan digging the end of his glaive in the ground.

 Elinorai nodded her head curtly and the three elves went on their way following the two upstarts tracks.

 To be continued in chap 3 --sorry i couldnt get the prologue guy in there, but i have  had a couple ideas to add to this part of the story, but don't you worry you'll se him soon enough..and now, i bid you goodnight.


The End

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