Tubby cautious and tall adventure.


   "The elves and humans have been at war for many-many......ummm....d-  dec-    decades."  Said a small child in front of his class.

  "The..reason behind this conf-conflict is the simple fact that Elves are stinky purple people!" The small blond haired boy said as he shook a fist.

 "Thank you Delwin" Said a tall woman around the age of 30. "Now class the homework for today is English Lit. and Grammar."

  "Awww...."Came the complaints of the class.


 Leaping off the rail to the entrance of the school a young auburn haired boy with an adventurous look about him, set off in pursuit of his tubby brown haired friend.

  "Hey!!! Wait up!! " The young child yelled as he gained ground on his huff-puffing friend.

  "I -huff- told you, -huff- I don't wanna goto the woods -huff-" The round boy said.

  "Awww!! Come on! It'll be fun , man! and...hey.." Grabbing the boys shoulder and pulling him close. "We might find us some elves.."

 The tubby boy's face lit up. "Really?!"

 "Yes really...we just gots ta get my huntin' gear! Come on! Off to my house!" The auburn haired boy yelled.

 "But what about our grammar homework?!" The tubby boy sputtered.

 "So what?! School ain't gonna help you nuthin in this world! When does an elite Human Warrior need Spelling and Grammar? Pshahahaha!" The auburn haired boy laughed as he neared his house.

 "Well....y-....yeah ok..I suppose your right." The tubby blond haired boy said.

 Dropping off his bag the auburn-haired boy ran into the shed and returned with, a short sword,a buckler,a small throwing lance, and two leather caps.

 "I'll take the Sword and Shield" The auburn haired boy said putting on his brown leather cap.

 "Right" Said the tubby boy also putting on his cap.

 Then together..the tall and adventurous boy and the shorter tubby cautios boy set off into the great forest..

  End till  chap 2...and don't you worry..the boy in the "prologue" will be entered into the story :) stay tuned till then :)

The End

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