The Elven and Human hatred

        Racing down the beaten dirt path he ran... glancing over his shoulder he saw the Elves gaining ground with inhuman speed.

   "Damn....I have to lose them somehow...I got it!" Tucking his head in his arm he charged through a patch of brambles, feeling the thorny thorns brushing against his bare skin, inducing red pulsing ravages on his body.He leapt to the left in the patch of brambles and dropped to the ground,trying to calm his breathing.

 "Kvistrakbaen!" Cried a beautiful elven female.

  She and her two companions stopped.

  "Gastr kiolio ferbahn." She whispered.

  If only I understood elf....  

  He thought as he watched the elves turn back down the trail and start walking.

   The boy crawled from underneath the brambles and scurried away off to his village.

The End

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