Fallen - NathanielMature

I had absolutely no idea what to say as I drove Willow home. The fact that she was dating Brandon Charles, a struggling artist and huge playboy from our high school, was a shocker enough. And now he's been cheating on her and using her for her money. Even I knew that was low. I frowned out the wind shield. Why did I care?

We pulled up to her house and she got out before I could say anything. She walked with a straight back into her house but I knew that, as soon as she shut the door, she was crying. I sighed and drove home slowly, debating on whether or not I should tell Polly.

When I got home, I saw that Willow had left her purse in my car. I was about to call her when I remembered she had just demolished her phone.

Polly was waiting for me in my dining room looking nervous. I glared at her and waited for her to speak first.

"Okay, I had no idea Mom and Dad were going to say that," she breathed. "I swear. I tried calling Willow but her phone must be dead."

"No, she threw it out my car window," I snapped. "I guess, in a way, she would thank you," I added, going to my fridge for a water bottle.

"Why?" she asked with a frown.

"Turns out she had a boyfriend," I said darkly and Polly's jaw dropped. "It also turns out he's been cheating on her and that $3,000 was because he was supposed to propose. He was planning on proposing to the chick he was cheating with, though."

"Oh, shit," she groaned. "I had no-"

"Just go home, Polly," I said. "You better fix this."


When I got up the morning, I turned the TV on and my stomach dropped. There was a picture of Willow and I at the party and a picture of Brandon. I turned the volume up.

"Everyone received a shock last night when struggling up and coming artist, Brandon Charles, revealed he had been dating Willow Turner before she started a relationship with Nathaniel Banker. Press witnessed Miss Turner and Mr. Banker running from the newly opened museum after the party, presumably to hide that the were dating and keep her cheating a secret." A big red 'X' displayed on my face. "Mr. Charles claims that Mr. Banker knew of their relationship and it leaves us all with a big question: Why would the son of such a wonderful couple stoop so low as to cheat with a young woman? And what does this say about his current relationship with Tiffany Carlisle? We do know one thing: As of last night, the elite Mr. Nathaniel Banker has fallen."

I turned the TV off, my heart pounding painfully in my chest. I looked around my living room. I felt sick to my stomach and it only got worse when my phone rang.

"Hi, Mom," I said in a low voice.

"How could you?" she cried.

"Mom, it's a lie!" I said. "I swear to God it's a lie!"

"She was a nice girl! Do you realize what you've done? You just ruined her life! And yours!"

"Mom! It's not like that! I'll fix this!"

"Don't come in for a while," she said in a shaking voice. "Your-Your father and I have talked it over and-and we're going to cut the card and- Oh, I'm so ashamed of you, Nathaniel."

She hung up and I stared in dismay at my phone. I was shaking.

Then Polly called.

"I really don't want to talk to you right now," I said and hung up.

I put my face in my hands. How could one night cause so much pain and damage?

I looked at my phone again and scrolled through my contacts. I used to be friends with Mr. Turner and saved his number into my phone a while back. I hoped it was still there. When I saw it, I immediately pressed 'dial'.

It rang a few times before he answered.

"I hope you know what you've done," he said in a grim voice.

"Can I talk to her please?" I muttered.

"Now's not a good time, Banker." I shut my eyes. "Did you know she was dating Brandon?"

"Not until last night," I sighed. "I can fix this, Mr. Turner, but I need her help."

"She has made it very clear she doesn't want to speak to you. Give it a few days I think. But you've done a lot of damage," he added before hanging up.

"No fuck!" I yelled at the phone. "And it wasn't even my damn fault!"

I slammed the phone on the coffee table and pulled at my hair. What was I supposed to do now? I can't just sit and wait for something to happen! I paced my living room, trying to think of something, when someone rang my doorbell. I hesitated. Could it be the press already?

"Please," Polly said. "I-I forgot your key at home and I need to talk to you."

I threw the door opened and pointed at her angrily.

"Fix it!" I yelled. "Fix it right now, Polly!"

"I'm sorry!" she said, stomping her foot. "There's nothing I can do!"

"Mom and Dad are cutting me off!" I shouted and she stared at me in shock. "You said this was good for Willow and I! From what I've seen, all it's done is ruined our lives! Now go fucking fix it! I don't care what you have to do!"

"Are they really cutting you off?" she whispered.

"Yes! Now leave!"

I slammed the door in her face.

The End

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