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I gripped the steering wheel, glaring at the outside of Willow's house. I had honked my horn but she wasn't out yet. I waited a few more minutes then honked again. A window rolled open above me.

"Stop honking your horn!" she yelled. "I'll be down in a minute! Jesus Christ!"

She slammed the window down and I rolled my eyes. I counted to sixty and, smirking, honked again. The front door flew open and she glared at me, gripping her black purse like she would beat me with it. Even though I loathed the girl, she was rather beautiful. Tonight she had dressed in a light green dress that looked great with her tan and black heels.

She arched a brow at me and I rolled the window down.

"What?" I snapped. "Get in the damn car."

"Open the door for me," she said through clenched teeth. "My father is watching."

"My sister is paying you $3,000," I growled. "You can open your own damn door."

"Do it now or I'm going back in the house and you can have fun explaining to your parents-"

"Just shut up," I interrupted.

I took my seat belt off and put a fake smile on my face. I opened the door for her.

"You look great," I said, loud enough for her father to hear.

"Why thank you," she said.

When I was sure her feet were in, I slammed the car door shut. I pulled out of her driveway.

"Don't you dare," I snapped when she reached for the radio, her phone out.

"Polly said it's a 45 minute drive," she said. "I'm not sitting for 45 minutes with your grumpy ass in silence."

She plugged her phone into the tape deck and scrolled through her music, whistling until she found one she wanted. She tapped on it and turned the music up. I couldn't stop the laugh.

"Are you kidding me?" I laughed. "Pink!?"

"Shut up," she snapped. "I know what shit you listen to. It's Pandora."

I scoffed, getting more comfortable in the driver's seat. "Doesn't matter; it's still cheesy."

"Says the man in a black suit and black tie," she snorted.

I grimaced. "This is the most damn uncomfortable suit I've ever been in!'

She yawned and stared out the window. Pandora switched to OneRepublic and we both started humming to the song, 'Apologize'. She reached over and turned it up to block me out. I arched a brow. So she wanted to play that game, did she? I started to sing loudly. She glared at me and did the same. She had a great voice. Too great of a voice. I turned the volume up.

It was soon loud enough that the car vibrated but we both were belting out the lyrics, challenging each other just like we did in high school. I stopped first and curled my lip at the satisfied smirk on her face.

"Shut up," I snapped, turning the volume down. "I just got tired of that song."

"Sure you did," she said. "Oh! This song rocks!"

I frowned. "Never heard of it; I don't listen to EDM."

"That's because you're lame," she said and unlocked her phone so she could thumbs up the song.

It didn't take long for me to start tapping my left foot to the beat and she tapped her hands on her thighs. Though I wouldn't tell her out loud, I considered looking it up later.

"What is this?" I asked and she smirked.

"Enjoying the song?"

"Of course not. I need to make sure I avoid it."

She rolled her eyes. "'Press Play, Walk Away'."

I nodded once and we rode the rest of the way in silence. Most of the songs her Pandora played were either techno or alternative rock. It was the strangest mix of music I had ever heard. It then occurred to me I didn't even know what kind of girl she was.

"You know, I would've pegged you for a country/western kind of girl," I said, merging onto the Interstate finally.

"Why the hell did you take the backroads when the Interstate was, like, right there?" she demanded.

"Because the backroads are better," I said. "It gives me time to get mentally ready for these kinds of dinners."

"I figured you'd get used to them by now," she scoffed.

I groaned when we got to the museum. "God I don't want to do this. They're going to see me with you and think I've stepped down!"

She rolled her eyes. "You're such a fucking gentleman," she snapped and got out, slamming the door and storming off.

Wait. Did I just hurt her feelings?"

"Stop!" I yelled. "You're supposed to walk with me, retard."

"Then hurry your ass up," she spat.

I shook my head and took her hand. She tried to pull it away then must have remembered the $3,000 because she held my hand back and put a radiant smile on her face. I smiled at the people taking pictures, waving and walking in without talking to anyone.

"You look beautiful!" Polly said, hurrying over and hugging Willow.

"Thanks," she said with a smile. "Is this Evan?" she added to the man beside Polly.

I hated him. I just knew he was with Polly for the money. He was a musician didn't have any drive in my opinion. I don't know what Polly saw in him. I shook his hand and smiled, though. Appearances meant everything.

"It sure is," Polly said, smiling up at Even and he kissed her forehead.

"Come on," I grumbled, leading Willow into the main exhibit.

"I was talking to them!" she said indignantly.

"You can talk to that wannabe later," I snapped. "I'm supposed to take you on a tour of the museum."

She groaned. "But I hate museums."

I stopped walking and stared at her. "Who hates museums!?"

"They're boring," she sighed, looking at the dinosaur display. "And so cheesy," she added. "I mean, a T-Rex display? What museum doesn't have that?"

I narrowed my eyes. "Easy now. I helped put this museum's displays together."

She scoffed. "I should've known. It has your cheesy, crummy touch all over it."

"If I show you one thing that you'll find interesting, then you'll have to eat those words," I challenged.

She stared at me, smirking. "Good luck."

The End

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