The Truth

twenty minutes and lots of small movements I emerged from the room. The clothes Terra had brought me was actually a blue silk dress. It was very fancy with a long floor length skirt. the style of the dress was odd though. unlike most dresses the skirt contained two slits down either side to provide extra movement but these slits were covered up by the excess material. 

Terra was stood just outside the door. without a word she began to lead the way through a maze of stone halls. many doors branched off but Terra gave me no time to satisfy my curiosity and see what the rooms inside looked like. The walk seemed to take an age till suddenly Terra stopped outside a door.The door was just like all the others we had passed. I had doubted i would ever be able to locate that exact room again.

Terra opened the door and gestured for me to proceed into the room. Once over the thresh hold the door closed behind me with a bang.I spun round at the sudden noise. I tried to open the door but it was locked from the outside. I had a bad feeling. I turned round again and took notice of my surrounds. The room was dark, very dark making it hard for me to make out the area around me. A rustle in the far corner told me I was not alone. I could hear it creeping closer and closer. its claws clacking on the cold stone floor, its tail sweeping alone behind it. I backed away till I hit the wall behind me.


The End

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