The room we were in to begin with was humble at all. The room had been devided into four corners by a strips of what looked to be gold. The corner we were in was almost completely green. The walls were covered in moss and ivy. There were small bushes and young trees covering the ground with a moss cirle in the middle. On the moss cirle was one of the most elegant chairs I had ever seen. It was made completely of light grey stone and was covered in elaborate runes and pictures showing scenes of forests, grasslands and majestic mountain ranges. I began to walk towards it to see the engravings closere and something bright flashed across my vision. It was so quick I didnt manage to see what it was. I tripped over my feet and went flying. the chair came closer and closer. I put my hands out to catch myself but never hit anything. Wood had managed to catch me by what was left of the back of my shirt but the shirt was in such ruins that it tore and I continued to fall hitting my head on the chair. 

My sight blurred then flickered several times. when it cleared i was no longer in a room with wood but in a gloomy forest. The trees were so tightly woven that the sky could not be seen. The ground was littered in tree roots and vines hung from the canopy. A disembodied voice reached my voice.

"Leave this place! You are not welcome here" It growled. I seareched for the origens of the voice but to no success. The vines began to writh in an invisible wind coming closer to me. Several wrapped themselves around my wrist. Together they hoisted me off the ground. "You are not welcome here" The voice yelled once more.

"If you dont want me here help me get back" I screamed becomeing utterly frustrated with the situation I was in. I fought against the vines managing to break several. There was a bloodcurdeling war cry in the distance nd stones learger than my fist began to hurtle towards me. The smashed into my arms and legs. I could feel bone breaking and muscles bruising. When the pain became too great I passed into the dark abyss of unconciousness

The End

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