Rapid Decent

We ran for for at least half hour, watching over our shoulders for any sign of the witch, when Wood suddenly stopped. The area looked no different than any other we had passed. Wood seemed to be looking for something. I asked what he was doing but ignored me. He seemed to find something on the ground and bent down to brush the dirt off it. It was a trapdoor. He opened it up and disappeared down the ladder. A few moments later he reappeared.

"You coming or what?" he asked before disappearing again.

I carefully lowered myself down into the dark. The space was tiny and I began to feel slightly claustrophobic. Slowly step by step I climbed down till I slipped on a section of slimy rungs and fell. Desperately I tried to grab a rung but they continued to slip out of my hand. I panicked and let our a scream. Slowly my decent started to slow until my feet landed gently on the ground. Behind me Aqua gave out a tiny chirp and landed on my shoulder. It had been her that had caught me and softened my decent. It seemed like a lot of work for something so small. I pulled off my shoulder and cradled her in my arms. 

"Welcome to my humble home" Wood said before taking me on a tour.

The End

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