Strange Creatures

She stood at about his knees and wore a beautiful green gown. Her shiny brown hair hung down to her waist and framed the most elegant face I had ever seen. There was something about her that didn't look right. It wasn't until she turned slightly and I could see her back that I could see a small pair of wings. I'd heard about fairys in old wives tales but didn't believe in they were real. It was impossible to tell how old she was but something told me she was only young. Wood continued to coax her towards me. Suddenly a Blue blur sped around her and strait at me. I didn't have a react before it barreled into me. I looked down to find Aqua. She'd found me again. I began to stroke he glad to find she was alright although I was curious about where she had been. Wood let out a slight giggle before introducing me to his friend.

"This is Terra. We met a little while ago and she refuses to leave me. She's a wood nymph, one of the last of her kind. This is who you'll have to ask for the bear." Terra gave me a shy smile before hiding her head in woods leg. It only then I noticed the bear grasped tightly in her hand. She slowly turned towards me.

"Please don't take him, please. I'll take good care if him I promise." The look on her face was heartbreaking. I wanted the bear but decided I didn't want it that badly.

"You can have the bear but" I was unable to finish my sentence before she ran up and gave me a huge hug. "You have to make sure you take good care of him." A squeak of protest came from my lap and Terra let go of me. Aqua flew up and over to a branch looking a bit annoyed at being squished. Under the tree I saw a shadow more and then seperate. It was a black cat. Wood turned around to see what Aqua was doing and saw it too.

"We've got to go." Now!" Wood said sodenly ancious to be gone. I knew he was right. That cat was identicle to the one I saw in the forest when those people were trying to find me. I packed up my gear and we ran off deaper into the forest Aqua and Terra coles on our heels.

The End

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