Familiar Faces

Everywhere was all black. My ears were filled with a constant ringing. My nose was blocked and I couldn’t feel a thing. I panicked. The events from the night before came back to me piece by piece. I cursed my stupidness, for thinking I could hold back the pain for so long, thinking the barrier would even hold as much as it did. I hadn’t even tried to have only small pieces of pain come out at I time. If I’d done that I wouldn’t be lying in a sea of black vulnerable to predators. Eventually the darkness started to dim, the ringing stopped in my ear and I could feel the ground beneath me. A fire was still crackling near my face. I could feel the heat radiating of it. The smell of smoked fish wafted up my nose and my stomach let off a monstrous grow. I could hear the faint hum of people whispering nearby. I tried to slowly sit up but my vision swam and the ringing started in my ear again. I lay there for a while longer. When I tried to get up again my limbs felt as if they were made of led and refused to move but my vision didn’t blur nor did the ringing in my ears return. I could also feel a slight wait on my stomach.

I slowly tried to push myself up into a sitting position again, this time more successfully, and felt the weight on my stomach shift then disappear only to be replaced by another.

 "Hey. Hold it. You don't want to hurt yourself again do you?" a male voice asked.

I panicked and scrambled away from his touch only to end up losing my vision and feel as if everything was moving. i waited for my head to clear before trying to see who it was that had spoken to me. He was sitting to my left and looked familiar somehow.

The End

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