Time to leave

As soon as they had disappeared into the distance I climbed down from the tree and ran in the opposite direction. I ran from the boy and the black cat and the woman that looked similar to Sonya but scarier. I kept my eyes and ears pealed for danger. Leaves rustled high in the trees as a flock of startled birds took to the air. I almost ran into a deep looking river that had a ferocious current and was very wide. I followed along the bank. It was easier than running through the forest as there were minimal trees and it was covered in smooth pebbles.

 I stopped at about midday when the sun was high in the sky. I splashed some water on my face then sat in the shade of a tree. I would have to use a trick dad thought me if I wanted to go any further. I crossed my legs and cosentrate on my breathing. I slowly slipped into my mind and found the barrier that held pain back. Once I put it up I went back to the real world. The pain in my back and legs had seemingly disappeared but I knew it wasn’t gone it was just building up and festering. I knew I only had a few hours before it would break out or worse kill me but I knew I had to get far away from here or they would find me and who knew what they wanted from me. I stood up and continued to follow the river bank. I ran till almost dark. I went to a little clearing id found by the water’s edge. I lit a small fire to provide light and warmth for the oncoming night which I knew would be horrendous. I found a thick twig that fit nicely between my jaws. I lied on my stomach by the fire and slipped back into the place in my mind. The barrier holding the pain back was almost bursting. It was going to be a long night for me tonight.

Without wasting any more time I let the barrier down again. A wave of pain flooded my body and shut down all my senses. It reefed me back into the real world and threatened to send me into unconsciousness. I fought with all the energy I had left. The pain burned my entire body, from my smallest toe to my chest to my finger tips and all along my spine. It went on for what seemed an age till finally it died down slightly. Eventually I felt my mind fall into an exhausted sleep.

The End

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