My head was spinning, my stomach was churning and I felt like trolls had slow danced on my back. My eyes were full of grit and all I could smell was horse sweat. I tried to move my feet but they had been tied together. I tried to scratch my nose but my hands were tied together as well. I called out for Sonya and dad but received no reply.  Something cold and wet was thrown on me. I screamed out in pain as it seemed to burn somehow. Someone cut the rope from around my wrists and ankles and pulled me to my feet. I tried to see who it was but hey wouldn’t allow it. They thrust a flask of water into my hands and I drank greedily till it was snatched from my hands. I hadn’t realised how thirsty I was till then. The scent of roast boar wafted up my nose and my stomach growled. I was pushed to the ground and blindfolded. They pulled me up to tree as and tied me to it. I heard footsteps retreat and waited.

After what seemed hours I felt it was time to try and escape. What my capture had failed to realise was that I had concealed a blade up my sleeve. I slipped it out and sliced the rope. I cut the other end of the rope and stood up carefully. I crept further into the forest doing my best not to make noise. When I’d gone a fair way I climbed up a tree and hid in the foliage. I went to lean up against the trunk and almost shouted out in pain. I reached up and softly touched my back. My dress was in taters and my back was covered in deep whip cuts. When I pulled my hand away it was covered in thick sticky blood.

Below, people were running through the forest, searching. They had realised I was missing. I froze if one of them decided to look up they would find me. One of them did look up. Our eyes met, his were a startling green colour. He winked at me and ran off calling out that he had found me. I stayed were I was, keeping my eyes out for anyone else. I looked back to where I had come from. I could see a figure in the distance. As it came closer I saw it was a girl. She looked similar to Sonya but looked a lot more youthful. Behind her walked a pure black cat with frightening silver eyes.

“She’s around here somewhere. Find her for me Tenebrae.” she said to the cat. She wore all black and had a black cape, dress and hat on. She looked scary. The cat walked up to the tree. It sniffed around and then stalked off after the others. The woman followed after it.

The End

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