Meeting the dead

“Hello Richard” Sonya said as if it was no surprise.

“Mother” was dads reply. How he was alive I had no idea. It was too much for me to handle so I walked off into the forest to think and find Aqua. I had almost killed my own farther who I had thought was dead. Something caught my eye. It was the bag. It was shredded and Aqua was nowhere to be seen. I rushed back to where Sonya and dad were.

“Aqua’s gone. I found the bag but it was shredded and I couldn’t find him.” I exclaimed almost in hysterics.

“Wait. Who is this Aqua?” dad inquired.

“He’s a dragon.” I explained. Even in the dime flame light I could see dad pale. He told me to wait were I was and ran off into the darkness. I sat at the base of a tree trying to stay awake. It was so late and I was extremely tired. Sonya built a fire. It was wonderfully warm. I slowly slipped into the welcoming embrace of sleep.

The End

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