Trouble in the forest

It started to get dark really quickly and soon we couldn’t see a thing. I heard Sonya rustled through her bag. Click. Click. A flood of light filled the trees as Sonya lit a torch. She passed it to me before setting off again. Rustle, Snap. Something was following us. Sonya set off at a gallop and I struggled to keep up. The torch blew out as we entered a clearing. Great now we had no cover or light. I had to rely on my hearing and instinct to stay on my horse and out of harm’s way. Up ahead was a river. My horse’s muscles tensed just before it reared up. I clung to its neck desperate to stay on. My horse took off again. My bag started to slip from my shoulders. I hitched the strap over my head so it hung round my neck and under my arm. It was then that Aqua decided it was to get up and get out the bag. The horse reared again, I fell off and the bag with Aqua flew into the darkness as the bag strap broke. I jumped to my feet and unsheathed my sword. I could hear something come towards me from my left. I turned. As it came close I could see its faint outline in the darkness. I fought it as best I could. I parried each blow. Lunged and side stepped out the way of its blade. Taking every opening I could only to be blocked. My worthy opponent never put a step wrong; it was as if he knew my next move before I did. He slipped on a loose rock behind him. While he tried to regain his balance I went in for the kill. A source of light came up behind me and I could see the face of my opponent. I dropped my blade and sunk to my knees. He fell over unable to cope with the loss of balance and shock. Sonya dismounted from her horse and helped him to his feet.

The End

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