Preparing for Trouble

 When Sonya finally persuaded me to get up I didn’t follow her but went straight to my room and barred the door. I pulled a chair into the middle of the room and stood on it. I removed a secret panel from the roof. Just inside it was a belt. On the belt was a variety of things. There was a sharpening stone, a small knife, and a sword in a sheath. I unsheathed the sword and checked the blade. i still remembered the old lessons I had with my father. We used to fight in the back yard him and I. we would circle each other before one of us (usually me) would lunge at the other and start the bout. dad would always complement me when I did something right and would correct me when I made a mistake. most of our bout would end with both of us lying on the ground giggling like two little girls over some silly little thing. he taught me other things but they were always taught inside with the blinds down and the doors locked. things like the art of healing and bits old legends that had been outlawed. dad said they had been outlawed because some of them spoke badly of king. I never took the stories seriously back then but I wish I had now.

When the war started he made the secret compartment for me to hide my blade in, as all weaponry had to be ‘donated’ to the imperial army. I knew I would need it. The blade was still a silvery blue color but the leather grip on the hilt was starting to fray and the once clear crystal at the base was turning a faint blue colour. I unbarred the door and went out to where Sonya was having a fit.

“I’m ready to go. I just had to get something.” I told her.

“It’s about time. Let’s get out of here before Aqua rips the bag apart.” Sonya exclaimed. We walked back to the horses. Aqua soon fell asleep around the saddle horn. She was so cute. We remounted and rode off back into the forest. We didn’t talk for a couple of hours. It started to get dark but Aqua didn’t wake up. I started to get worried. I told Sonya but she said not to worry.

The End

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