Death in the family.

As the trees started to thin we started to slow down. I called Aqua and coaxed her into the bag again. We dismounted and I hung the bag on the saddle horn to keep my hands free. We tied the horses to a tree and walked down to the cottage. It was an absolute mess. The pretty little white post fence had planks missing and some had been snapped. The once gorgeous garden was in tatters with plants trampled and piles of ashes all over the place. The front door had been ripped off its hinges and the chandelier had been smashed. Dad was slumped against the hallway wall, barely alive and loosing blood. I tried a little trick he had taught me. I placed my right hand (the one with the star mark) on his heart. I willed him to get better. I wished it more than anything. Slowly a tingling sensation started in my hand. I closed my eyes and tried harder. The slight tingling grew to a pain. It grew and grew spreading all through my body like wildfire. I kept going still. I knew that if I stopped he would shortly die. Something tried to pull us apart but I fought it. A great wind started to blow things around but I tried not to pay attention. I started to go weak and slip in and out of conciseness.

“Stop. You’ll kill yourself. I’m going to a better place. A place without war or poverty. A place without disease or famine. Go, live with your grandma.” Dad mumbled. I slowly broke the connection and took my hand away. I felt a rush of energy inside me and I felt completely refreshed. It was weird as even the smallest attempted healings left me weak. I sat there and cried. I didn’t care if Aqua wanted to get out of the bag or if Sonya wanted to leave I just sat there and grieved.

The End

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