Chosen (Part 2)

“Excuse me but what are you talking about?” I stammered.

“Do you mean to tell me that you’re farther, my son, never told you about the creature now perched on your shoulders?”

“He told me stories about them, but that was it. Do you know about them? Can u tell me what this means?” I explained, showing her my palm.

“It seems she’s chosen you as her owner, her master but do you choose him. You have to find her name. If you are truly to be together you must look within yourself and find it. When you do speak it allowed for all to hear.” I tried to do as she said but I wasn’t sure how. I listened really hard but nothing happened at first. I ran my finger over the mark on my palm which was still warm. I could hear a faint grow in the back of my mind. I listened to it as hard as I could. Slowly the growling turned to a voice. It was saying something.

"Aqua” I said confidently, “Her name is Aqua” she flew off my shoulders and stated doing loop the loops and summersaults in the air. She blew tiny blue shards from her nostrils. One of the flames came close to the furniture.

“Restrain her now or she will shred all the ferniture. Tell her to stop and be quick about it.’ The elderly woman exclaimed.

 “Come down please Aqua. We’ll be in trouble otherwise.” I said trying to keep my voice calm. She came and landed on my shoulders again.

“Put this on and get her into this bag, we’re leaving” the elderly woman threw me a black dress and a bag. I did as she said. The dress fit perfectly but it was harder getting Aqua into the bag. The woman rushed around in a mad frenzy. She put stuff in a bag, she wrote a not to give another maid, she got rid of all evidence that I was even there. When the frenzy had finished she took me out the room, down the hall and into the foyer. It was huge and was full of pretty girls in ball gowns. We left the foyer and went out to a stable behind the house. Inside were two saddled horses. She got on one and me on the other. We left down a path into the forest. As soon as we were out of site she started to talk again.

“Let Aqua out now. He can’t do much damage. Just make sure she doesn’t go too far. I’m sorry about the rush but it’s just that Aqua complicates things a little. We will head over to Five Point Cottage and see if your dads ok. If he is you and he can go into hiding if not you will have to come with me and I’ll keep you safe. By the way you can call me Sonya.” She said then set of in a gallop down the path.

The End

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