Chosen (Part 1)

She closed the door behind her so I couldn’t hear what they were saying. I sat on a sturdy looking basket and waited. Something came up and rubbed against my leg like a cat would. I looked down. It was the winged creature from the dungeon. It seemed to have grown. I jumped on top of the basket and it gave way underneath my weight. I ran down to the other end of the little isle and stood on a bench that was there. The dragon tried to jump up but it was too high. Its little wings started to flap and slowly but surely it rose of the ground. It came higher and higher. I froze in fear knowing that cuteness was usually a front to lure innocent people to their doom. It flew up onto my shoulder. It was surprisingly light. It snuggled around my neck and rubbed its head against my cheek. It seemed friendly enough so I reached out and gave it a pat. As I took my hand away it blew blue flame from its nostrils. I checked my hand. It had left a blue outline of a triange that filled the palm of my hand.

The door opened and I jumped but it was only the elderly woman again.

“You can come out now, one of the other guests claimed she saw some blue creature with wings. She kept ranting on about how her life flashed before her eyes and how it was as big as a horse. Your aunts looking after her now so there’s no need to worry,” she kept babbling on. She didn’t even bother to look at me or she would have realised that the guest had been saying contained some truth. When she finally did look at me her face took on a dumbstruck look. “By the gods. Is that a…I can’t believe it. It’s finally hatched but to a girl, it’s unheard of. Sure I was surprised when your father couldn’t get it to hatch but you, you were the last person expected it to hatch for. How long have you had it and why wasn’t I informed. I am the dragonology expert. I found the original egg.” She kept ranting on and on until I interrupted her.

The End

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