unknown friend

The stairs came out in another hall. This hall was absolutely breath taking. It had exquisitely carved doors, handcrafted glass chandeliers hanging from the roof and the carpet was extremely soft, like walking on a cloud.

The door closest to me opened and I jumped in fright. I had been hoping to get out unseen but it was only the elderly lady.

“Get In here. Quickly now we don’t have all day. If someone sees you I'll be in trouble or worse they’ll mistake you for a slave.” she said. Her room was even fancier than the hall way. All the furniture was made of old oak, her walk in robe was full of fancy looking ball gowns and the couch in the middle was made of some kind of leather. Everything was immaculate, not a hair out of place. The woman told me to sit on one of the couches and help myself to the assortment of food on the little table. Whilst I ate she spoke.

“I’m sorry you had to sleep in that filthy room down stairs but it was the only place I could hide you without the other guests finding you. My daughter is having a ball tonight, so all the other rooms are full. I have to leave tomorrow to pick up my granddaughter; her father’s going to war. He had asked his sister but she was too lazy to even open the letter. I did it for her and when I found out what was happening I said I would take her. So if you want I can take you as far as the edge of Atebell forest. We will have to part ways there as I’m meeting with the rest of the guests just south of Five Point Cottage.” she babbled on.

“I live in Five Point Cottage.” I blurted out.

 “Then you would know my granddaughter, Sophia.”

 “I’m Sophia.” There was a blood curdling scream from out in the hall. I was told to wait in the walk in wardrobe and stay there till she came and got me.

The End

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