I awoke to something soft and scaly nudging up against my face. It stuck its coarse wet tongue into my ear. I pushed it away and sat up. I thought I was dreaming. I rubbed my eyes but what I saw didn’t change. Pinched myself and it hurt. I definitely wasn’t dreaming but I wished I was as what I was seeing shouldn’t be real. It was about thirty centimetres tall and sixty centimetres from the tip of its tail to its nose. It had short stubby legs and sharp looking claws. It was covered in a brarble blue pattern that darkened at its wing tips and at the end of its tail. It had a neat row of ivory nobs running all the way from its forehead all the way to the tip of its tail. It was the cutest thing I had ever seen but the scariest at the same time. I had heard many tails about them roaming the land but had never even dared to dream I would see a dragon in my life.

There was a sudden squeak in the corner and dragon turned around. There was another squeak and the creature pounced. There was a flurry of movement and a sickening crunch. It had caught a big black rat. Within seconds the rat had disappeared. It was then that I notice the bowl of water and wooden brush on the now half tidy desk. I cleaned myself as best I could and pulled the brush through my thick dark wavy locks. I got dressed in a pair of brown breaches, my vest and a long sleeve shirt. I pulled my hair up into a pony and tied it back with the rag to keep it out of the way. My shoes were in tatters so I left them were they were. I also left the dragon where it was, curled on the bed, and left through the still open door, grabbing my bag and sword on the way. It led into a hallway with doors on both sides and a stair case at the end. Most of the doors led to small holding cells, one led to a torture room and another near the staircase led to an office. It seemed I was in a dungeon. I went straight past the cells, trying not to take much notice and went up the stairs. 

The End

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