Angry Strangers

Dad called me from his room. I knocked on his door before entering. He was wearing brown breaches, a pale long sleeve shirt, his big, brown boots and his sword. In his hand he held a perfectly round, black, marble stone. He handed it to me. 
“Promise me one thing. Guard this with your life, don’t let it out of your sight and when the times right it will share its secrets with you. Till then look after yourself and don’t let your aunt push you around too much. I’ll come and get you when the war ends. Just don’t forget me.” He said and swept me up in a big hug. Something wet slid down his cheek but I didn’t say a thing. 
There was a knock at the door. Dad told me to wait whilst he went to answer it. He started to argue with someone but it wasn’t aunt, it didn’t sound feminine at all. I heard swords being unsheathed and the clang of metal on metal.
“Run Sophia, run! Don’t look back no matter what you hear. Go into the woods and keep running! They won’t be able to find you in there easily. I’ll come and find you afterward, I’ll be fine.” He yelled. I climbed out the glassless window and ran for the hill but it wasn’t easy because I was wearing a long winters dress. I heard yelling from the front of the house. Soon they were after me and I ran like my life depended on it. I’d had a good start but they were catching up fast. If I didn’t do something quickly they’d catch me. I fished in my bag till I found my slingshot, scooped up a stone and took aim. It hit one in the forehead. I scooped up another stone. It hit another in the crutch. I could see the tree line I was almost safe.
My muscles were screaming with fatigue and the ground was covered in stones, sticks and the like. Finally broke through the trees but I didn’t stop. I wove through the trees, trying to lose them. I didn’t even stop when the voices started to fade and the trees started to thicken. I kept running, not even slowing till I was heavy with fatigue and could go no further. I tripped on I stick and went flying,  landing with a thump and lay there. I didn’t get up again but fell unconscious. I remember nothing after that.

The End

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