The Elimentals

this story is about a young girl who loses her father and is thrown into a magic and mystery. she meets a young boy, wood and together they learn about a curious but pwerful magic that links them together with two others.

I sat on my bed listening to the house creak. I was waiting for my aunt who was a complete stranger to me. She was coming to take me away as Dad had to go to war and Mum was dead. I didn’t want Dad to go; I’d miss him too much. I could hear him in the next room throwing stuff around; he obviously didn’t want to go either but what can you do when the king himself demands it. Dad used to be the best warrior in the Royal Army. He used to tell me stories of when he fought against troll armies or when he assassinated the elf king or when he escaped the Munchkin Dungeons (not an easy feat). He had to leave the army when he broke two ribs, everyone thought he’d die but mum had supposedly been the best healer throughout the land and had made him better. I can hear a cart coming now, it’s probably aunt. I grabbed my bag containing what little I owned. A few pairs of breeches, some long sleeved shirts, a couple of vests, a skirt, a heap of underwear, a sling shot and an old battered, black teddy bear that mum had given me for my second birthday.
I still remember how she died. I was five and we had gone out for a picnic. It had been a beautiful sunny and warm day. The birds had been singing and we had been having so much fun. We hadn’t seen the munchkin hole and if there’s one thing a munchkin doesn’t like its people having fun and making a noise. They’re grumpy little creatures with really good hearing. We hadn’t seen one creep up behind us till it was too late. It stabbed mum in the heart. Dad managed to cut its head off before it got to me. That’s the only way to kill a munchkin, cutting its head off. Since then Dad’s heart seemed to freeze over. Since then we haven’t been as close. It’s almost as if he doesn’t want to be hurt that bad again. 

The End

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