Daphne: Are You Serious?


"Daphne!" all my friends squealed."Okay, truth or dare?" My best friend Rebecca asked. We were in the park with practically all my class. Everyone comes here after school nowadays, weather you're playing football, truth or dare, or just chatting.

"Dare, of course!" I answered, smiling. They started whispering together, deciding what my dare should be. Well, whatever it was, I would do it. I'll take on any dare and do pretty much anything. Within reason.

"How about... climb to the top of the highest tree here, that one over there!" she said, pointing to the other side of the park.

"Easy!" I exclaimed. That was definitely within reason. I started walking over with the others following me. When I got there, I quickly scanned the tree, figuring my way up. The first branch was quite high so I had to jump to get on to it but after that it was, like I said, easy! It was when I got about half way up I got trickier, and I nearly had to jump from one branch to another! I finally got to the top though, and the view was amazing! I was admiring it when I suddenly lost my balance! I tried grabbing out for a branch but missed. My friends were gaping whilst I reached out in desperation... suddenly, as I thrust my hand out, there was a change of wind direction. It blew the branches towards me so I could get one, but then I realised that the wind just doesn't change like that, and people don't float towards a tree. That's what happened though - I glided towards the tree like I was flying... It felt like that to. Strange or what?

I speedily climbed down, entranced by what just happened. When I was down, pretty much everyone in the park crowded around me, but I wasn't listening. I said goodbye to my friends and wandered round the corner to my house.

"Hello? Anyone home?" I shouted as I walked in. A muffled "Hi" came through which I recognised as my kid brother, Louis's. I walked into the lounge where he was watching the telly.

"Seen mum anywhere?" I asked.

" Kitchen." The man of many words said. But seriously, he hardly ever talks! Anyway, I went into the kitchen and was immediately hit by an amazing Spanish smell!

"Wow! That smells delicious mum!" I said.

"It's a new recipe, I hope you like it! Tea'll be ready in about ten minutes." She answered.

"Cool, I'm starving! Actually, I've got something to tell you... Today, when I was at the park, my friends and I were playing truth or dare and I got dared to climb a tree. When I got to the top, I lost my balance and nearly, NEARLY, mum don't freak out, fell. But the weird thing that happened was that, when I fell, the wind changed direction and I sort of glided towards it." I explained with a nervous look on my face.

" Well, actually, I've got something to tell you too... The post came and... A while ago... You see... Let me start again. A while ago, the post came from a company saying that you were an Element. You know - Earth, fire, air and water? You are air. The world's chosen you. You'll go and meet the company next week, then you'll be set out into the world to do your job."

"Wow.  An, an Element. So the tree, I did that?!? That's gonna get some getting used to...!"

The End

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