Kain: It's the Truth

I woke up early because of the smell of burning bacon, coming from the kitchen. Dad. I run down the blue staircase.

"Dad, i wish you would let me cook breakfast. You end up burning the house down." I say, sighing. I take a plate of bacon and sit at the table. Dad's sits down too.

After a while i ask him whats wrong.

"Son, a letter came in the post this morning. It's for you." He hands me a green envolope. Without delay in rip it open. The letter redd:

Dear Master Kain

We are glad to imform you that you are an Elemental. You are a controler of EARTH.

Your sincierly.

I'm compltly speechless. I reed the letter over and over again to be certain that i havn't made it up. But it's true. I can feel it.

"Did you know?" I ask dad.

"Yes. Me and you mother have known for a long time. We were just waiting for the right time to tell you. I knew before you were born."

"What!!!! How???"

"Because, I'm an elemental too"

The End

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