The Elements.

How I mix with my elements.

Sometimes, I get incredibly lonely. I like watching rain fall. It's like a lullaby. Waterfalls are a sign of hope to me. Swimming helps me think, and I feel isolated yet at peace when I swim. You could say I have an addiction to water. Which I do.

Sometimes, I get stupidly daring. I have a bizarre liking to watching dry leaves burn. Fire brings something strange and primitive into my heart. I love lighting a match just to see it burn. You could say I have a need for fire. Which I do.

Sometimes, I just want to be free. I have dreams about flying. I love sticking my head out the window in the car. I can't hear a thing when I do. I like the solitude. You could say I live for air. Which I do.

Sometimes, I need to be grounded. I want a friend to hold me at arms-length and promise me she'll be here forever. I like the feeling of moist dirt between my toes. I love the coolness of earth underneath my feet. I have  strange longing to have a mud fight. You could say earth is my home. Which it is.

Sometimes, I need to be alone. I need solitude. I need natural. I need the elements to help me along the way.

The End

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