The PromiseMature

Willow Avaric - heir to one of the ten thrones of Maegard - has lived through his first year at the Sanctuary. But another danger is on the horizon.
Now, the Forestlands are dying, and its fate lies in the hands of Shayla, a beautiful but cold-hearted princess of Old. Somebody wants Shayla dead, and in trying to protect her, Willow will face rivalry, romance and secrets he'll wish he never knew.

In my life, I have made two promises.

The first was to my mother, who made me swear I would not become her. The second, was to a king.

I value one as much as the other, however, when I made one promise, I sinned by knowing that I could not keep it. I cannot control who I am, nor who I will become. I am a but a slave of Fate, as are we all. To promise that I would not make her biggest mistake, to fall in love, I could not bring myself to mean it. In consequence, she was forced to run and hide, but I was spared that end. I was given the chance to make my own mistakes, to choose the world I would live in. In the end, I chose both, and so I belong to neither.

My loss of place in the world, perhaps this is what drove me to the desire to control others. Maybe that is why I chose to pick up a pen and become God.

Of course, the story that I have written for you was penned once before. It is engraved in the scripts of Time, written but never told. I have never written a tale where the characters stand before me in flesh and blood, or one where I knew the ending before the beginning.

Still, I cannot promise that this will end happily.

My third promise, because their story has not yet ended, and it never will.

"The end", an impossible statement that a writer craves to writes, but is denied. There is never an end, every action, every word begins another legacy, a strand of results and consequence that becomes the true immortality.

He told me that was what it was like to be a true God.

In a world where title is everything, it means nothing to him. In a society where the blood in our veins defines us, he would mix it all together and call us brethren. Of all legacy, I hope that it is his that lives on against all others.

I endeavour to do so by continuing his tale, reviving him and taking him down a familiar, frightening path.

I suppose you would like to know what my second promise was, though. The promise I made to a king.

It was to tell the truth; his truth.

He asked me as if it was so difficult, as if he had such little faith in not just me, but in us all. To this great, elderly king, I could tell him only one thing.

"That is all I have ever wanted."

The End

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