Chapter XXVII: To Safety and Beyond (13/14)Mature

'Sorry about them,' Will looked up and saw Sayara standing above him. 'Summertime's when the new fae hatch, I just couldn't resist.'Will made a nonsensical noise, not feeling up to any lengthy discussion about faeries or nature. She sat down with him under the trees shade, looking at him with interest. 'Is something wrong? You seem to have something on your mind.'

'Just that...' he began to say, unsure if he would get angry in telling her about Carmen and Karn'el. He looked up at her, the sun had rosied her pale cheeks, darkening the freckles around her nose and eyes. Her hair was let down in its finery, decorated with purple and yellow pansies - to show support for the Draíochta, the same flowers multi-coloured on her dress.

'Come on,' she said, smiling and prodding him on the arm. 'We're supposed to be Bonded, you can tell me. You know I won't tell anybody.' Indeed, he'd told her about Vincula, and nobody had questioned him about it. He trusted her, he had to.

So he told her everything about Carmen and Karn'el, telling her how angry he was, and how afraid he was. She listened, halfway through gripping his hand when he was near tears, somehow easing them away. When he had finished, he asked her what he should do. 'I don't want to say,' she said nervously, pulling grass up by its roots.


'Because chances are you won't like it.' Will looked at her expectantly and she gave in. 'I think...I think you need to let them go.' Will scoffed, was he the only sane person today? 'I'm serious,' she persisted, 'you can't keep them safe and at your side forever. They need to live their own lives -,'

'They're here at the Sanctuary so they don't die before they can live their lives. You know how dangerous the world is out there, if they preach that they're Avarics, who knows what the humans they're trying to save will do to them?'

'You're right,' she nodded slowly. 'I do know what it's like out there. And I wish that when I was living in it, we'd had visionaries like your brother and sister to try and change it.' She sighed in frustration as he stared at her sceptically. 'Oh, come on, Will.' She stared ahead, through the arcade to where the line of hills was visible, the Sanctuary border. 'In here, we have hope. Everybody tells us that we'll take the throne, and that we'll spend a few years here, and when we're in sixth form, we'll walk out in the world easily and happily. And whenever I'm here, sure, I believe it...but not when I leave. Every time I go into Holloway Village, I start doubting everything, my hopes, my dreams, wondering if any of it is realistic. The rest of the world is like Holloway, it's cold and hopeless and everybody's given up. And we sit here in this beautiful place with all of this joy and hope and nobody to give it to.

'Will, Carmen and Karn'el want to make the world better. And I know you think that two children can't change it, but look at us. We're children and the fate of Maegard rests on our shoulders. If we don't want to make the world better, the world that we'll have to live in, then why should we have a right to live in it at all?'

The End

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