Chapter XXVII: To Safety and Beyond (12/14)Mature

Will needed to find a place away from everybody else, a place where he could vent his fury that built in him like a furnace. He wasn't sure who he was angrier at, his siblings or Paradam. Why would he allow them to leave? Did Carmen and Karn'el truly think that they could protect the humans of Maegard alone? He admired their spirit, yet now it was for the worst, making them believe that they were more powerful than they truly were. They weren't Elementals, they didn't carry the gene, they were just magi from a powerful name, even with his powers, Will didn't feel invincible, and they certainly weren't either.

He wandered through the quiet hallways of the castle, everybody outside in the sun or celebrating with parties, a couple had already left on holiday a month before term's end to account for travel time, and Will was glad that there was nobody around to ask if he was alright or ultimately bother him.

He eventually wound up in the cloistered garden, quiet with the breeze lifting jacaranda petals from the ground and into the air. He sat beneath the tree as he had on his first day at the Sanctuary, when everything had been so wonderful, frightening and confusing. He felt the same now, frightened for his siblings and what could befall them, confused as to why they would ever leave him, all whilst surrounded by the magnificence of the Sanctuary. His stomach twisted with guilt as he recalled what he'd said to them, 'you're just like Mum and Dad!' Had he meant it? In that moment, probably. He remembered his parents standing ready for the onslaught of Mastery soldiers, speaking so calmly, so ready to die, their hopes set on Maga protecting him. They'd left him alone, he had suffered because they hadn't been there for him. All he'd wanted was to have his family back, but it seemed somebody deemed him unworthy of that blessing...

A wind blew and brushed his hair into his face, he pulled it away and looked up, not realising that there was somebody in the garden with him. It was Sayara, she sat amongst the flowerbeds at the bottom of the garden, wearing a summer dress and sandals, clutching a huge seed-headed dandelion which grew to the size of her fist. Will watched as she gently blew on it, the seeds scattering in the wind, floating towards him. When one landed on his leg, he realised that it wasn't a seed at all. It was a wild fae, with a long, thin face and a fluffy ballerina skirt, twirling onto his hand and looking at him with tiny, black eyes. It bowed respectively, Will inclined his head, and the fae span away again.

The End

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