Chapter XXVII: To Safety and Beyond (11/14)Mature

The day had been a wonderful success, the leaving ceremony for the sixth form taking place, and the dining hall full of Draíochta lording their success over the other academies trying to eat. Carmen, Karn'el and Will headed back to the commonroom together, but he could sense that something had been bothering them for a few days. The auditions had been a chance to hopefully cheer them up, and though they had been distracted by the gaiety of the event, they now became solemn and distracted again.

They climbed up onto the rooftop that Tayna had given everybody access to, the ladder now metal and permanently placed in the Attic for anybody to use. It didn't seem to bother her now that they would be moving commonrooms in third form. 'Will,' Carmen said meekly as he turned to look at the spectacular view. He turned to listen. 'There's something we need to talk to you about.' He nodded for them to go on, already imagining the horrible things they were going to say.

'Carmen and I have been talking a lot,' said Karn'el, coming to his sister's side, 'and we've decided something, but we don't know how to tell you.'

'What is it?' he asked apprehensively,

Carmen took a brave breath and said, 'we're leaving the Sanctuary.' 

Of all that he imagined, Will hadn't expected that. The first thing that came out from his mouth was not a word, but a laugh, filled with disbelief. 'What? You're not serious, are you?' he said, unconcerned by his mocking tone.

'We've tried, Will,' she said, 'we've really tried to go back to normal. But no matter how many lessons we go through, no matter how much we do what we did before we were taken, we can't forget what we heard. It changed us, and we can't go back.' Will rolled his eyes, this isn't happening. 'We heard what the soldiers were saying,' she continued, pleading for his understanding, 'they talked about what they were planning to do to the humans, it was sickening. We have to do something.'

'Don't you think we want to?' he snapped, 'I heard it too, and Paradam knows, he has contacts who can help, I even heard that more and more of the sixth formers have joined the public forces to help -,'

'But we need to do something,' said Karn'el, 'we can't just sit around and expect others to do it for us.' He turned to Carmen, who nodded for him to go on. 'We spoke to Principal Paradam about this, he wanted us to stay, of course, but in the end he - he arranged for us to go with friends.'

'They're freedom fighters, Will,' Carmen said, her face lightening with excitement, 'not just magi, humans and magi working together to fight against hatred. Don't you see? If it works in small groups, then it could work overall -,'

'So you're leaving to become martyrs?' he asked angrily. He couldn't believe that Paradam had agreed, why didn't he stop them? 'Are you both insane? You could be killed, we barely escaped with our lives and now you want to go charging back into danger?'

'We want you to support us.' Carmen looked upset that he hadn't hugged them and patted them on the back. 'We're doing this for the greater good, we'll be safe with them, we can help people. Please, we don't want to spend our last day fighting -,'

'Whoa, wait, last day?' Will exclaimed, 'you're leaving tomorrow? What about the holiday with Andrel and Arlamus? We were all going together. No, what about family? I thought you wanted us to stay together and now you're just leaving me?'

'We wish we could invite you to come too. But you don't belong with us. If we're going to become viceroys, representatives for the royal name, then we should be out there, spreading the word to magi that the royal family is back and ready to fight. Your place ishere, working to become a prince, and when you're ready, we'll join you, but until then...'

'You're insane,' Will said curtly, 'you're going to get yourself killed! And then you're going to be gone and I'll - I'll be alone all over again!' Carmen gasped, looking shocked. Will pushed past her, heading down the ladder. 'You're just as bad as Mum and Dad!' With that, he left, storming out of the commonroom full of emotions, immediately guilty for what he'd said, but too furious and upset to do anything about it.

The End

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