Chapter XXVII: To Safety and Beyond (8/14)Mature

He tried to turn, to see her once again, but just like before, he was frozen in place. 

'I dare not let you see me,' said the one behind him, Maga. 'I have tried to conjure a mirror in this place, but I am not allowed. You may turn and see somebody faceless, a person made from fragments of memories - a monster. I would prefer that you use your imagination, or simply imagine me as a presence within you, just a voice.'

'Can't I - I don't know - create you a face from my memories?'

'Do not feel as if you need to. I feel...I feel it is best that I be given no semblance of life again.' Will's brow furrowed in confusion, he felt Maga's chest heave. 'I am sorry, Willow. I did wrong against you.'

'What? How? What did you ever do that wasn't helping me?'

'When I was in control of you, there was a part of me that - that enjoyed it. Enjoyed it too much. When I began to grow weak, before I relinquished control, I was selfish enough to wish, for the briefest of moments, that I could remain and not return your body to you.'

Will thought about what could have happened, if she hadn't given up control, would he still be locked away in the hall, screaming and shouting at her to be set free, Maga ignoring him whilst she enjoyed her new life as him?

'This...this existence,' she continued, 'it is by no means enviable. The Master, Taksony, he spoke to me with such reverence, as if I am a mighty being, unable to die, with limitless power. But he fails to understand, I am not alive, and I am not dead. I am between states, and all that stops me from becoming a Wandering One is my connection to you. My old life...I remember more of it, but all I remember is emptiness, loneliness. I cannot decide which existence I prefer more, I wish I could choose neither.'

'What do you remember?' Will asked,

'I remember this room,' she said quietly, 'I was kept here by your ancestors, the old royal family. There is a secret door within the wall, but I was never able to open it then, even now, I cannot. Possibly, I had a visitor, I see glimpses of a woman, a servant whom I loved. I was a child, I played as children often do, conjuring games and toys, illusions of friends, but soon the make-believe was not enough. I remember why I was kept here, for my power, both to obtain it or suppress it.  

'I remember nothing about myself, no parents, no family, I simply remember having great power, being loved and feared for it. I caught notice of the royal family, and I was brought before them, and given all of this. In return, they wanted my powers, but I refused, so...'

'So, what?'

Maga sighed sadly. 'I believe they had me killed.' 

The End

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